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First Ever Post.... - JakeTheDog420 - 09-22-2017

If you're reading this then you've stumbled accross our community forums before we are ready to go public! Or you've jumped on thewaybackmachine and checked out an archived version of our site Wink! Either way please be patient and wait while we go through the development stages. This could take some time as we want to get everything perfect but do be sure to check back on us as frequently as you'd like to see how PHPGeek is coming along!

If you're interested in the RankMyHack project, please note that in the future we plan to have a dedicated announcement category for updating you with the project. RankMyHack is a long way from even beta testing stages so do not see this notice as a false promise for announcements to get posted anytime soon. In fact, it is more than likely that our team will focus their efforts on the PHPGeek forum and potentially even website before we focus all our work on the RankMyHack revamp. This is simply because the RMH project will take a lot of time and effort basically non-stop. PHPGeek once finished wont need much maintaining or upkeep. There may be a need for a moderation team but even so it will be a lot easier and thus beneficial for us as a company to finish working on PHPgeek before we start announcing all of our work on RankMyHack.

-The PHPGeek TeamĀ  Heart